Is This The End?


With technology advancing the way it has over the past several decades, some people have started to grow more and more paranoid regarding such technology. Movies definitely have played a part in this growing fear of technology – specifically speaking, robots and artificial intelligence. The biggest, most well-known film depicting a world where humans and robots/AI went wrong, would be The Terminator.  This movie has been referenced and alluded to in so many other aspects of pop culture since its debut in 1984, and has struck fear into people across the world, as I had stated earlier.

Newspapers mention the advances in the fields dealing with artificial intelligence all the time. Even great minds such as Stephen Hawking have expressed that we need to tread carefully when developing new technology or else the apocalyptic world shown in The Terminator may becoming the harsh reality of our planet. In fact, when reading the article from The Guardian linked above, this image was on that was shown in the ‘advertisements’ section.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.24.20 PM

Now, is this something to get worked up over? Nah, it’s most likely just the result of Google tracking what I’ve searched and what pages I’ve looked at while writing this post and them scrambling to throw some nice Clickbait material fresh off the presses at me, but it was also probably done by some sort of artificial intelligence program. Suspicious, to say the least. I, for one, am one of the many people who fear a robotic takeover of the world, but I also find robots and AI fascinating.



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